Vip lunch Platter

VIPs Lunch Platter Details and Nutrition Facts.

VIPs lunch platter
A VIPs lunch platter

Our Platters are made Fresh and to order,  let us know if anyone in your group has any food allergies, nut or gluten. Vegetarians? No problems, we will make all the necessary changes so that everyone can enjoy the day.

Meats areCapocollo, Del Duca Prosciutto & Calabrese. No MSG & Gluten Free 

Cheeses are: Aged Cheddar, French Swiss, Creamy Havarti & Dutch Gouda.

Harvest Grain Petite Loaf along with an assortment of Olives, Grapes and Crackers ( links to nutrition information:  Vinta, Breton, Grains First and Cabaret)

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Harvest Grain Petite Loaf Bread:Vip_Bread_Info_Edited

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