Visiting Oregon?

Visiting Oregon wine country from out of state?

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Wine Tours in Dundee Oregon

All-Inclusive Package

Oregon VIPs Wine Tours;  If you are visiting Oregon wine country (Willamette Valley, Yamhill, Newberg and the Dundee Hills) from out of State and need PDX towncar service with your wine tour? Ask us about our All-Inclusive VIP service which includes; PDX service to your hotel or Airbnb, We will pick you up at PDX, take you to your hotel or Airbnb, then pick you up there for your wine tour with us, then back to your hotel or Airbnb, then back to PDX when you leave for home. 

**Make sure to include your flight information when booking with us.


 We are focused and dedicated to Safety first. We provide Luxury Van, Suburban & Sedan car services with Professionalism & Dependability for our VIP wine tours. Top Quality service with our courteous drivers whom are Focused onVIP-300-CardStock_01-08-14 Safety, being On-time and Reliable. This is what we offer our VIPs and we let you know it. Our rates are for 4 to 6 wineries on weekends with some weekday. SUV and Towncar service. 


Tours Include:

8 hour tour (less or more if needed)*

Door-to-door service

A VIPs lunch platter 

VIPs lunch platter
A VIPs lunch platter

FIJI Artesian Bottled Water

Our starting rates are (all tours are private)

1 to 6 VIPs for 8 hours $520.00

1 to 6 VIPs for 5 hours $325.00

5 to 6 VIPs cost *plus or minus depending on flight schedule

7 or more VIPs Call for pricing

ALL-Inclusive VIP Service: Wine tour with PDX service ( Call or Text for Details ) Contact us:

Tours start at 10 pm (pick-up at your hotel) and we leave the last stop by 5 pm, we can always leave sooner in the tour if need to. If arrangements have been booked for dinner, the tour will run longer and is at hourly rates after 6 pm.

**Keep in mind there are tasting fees at the wineries (and are *not included in our prices), Tasting fees are from $5 to $20 dollars (usually one stop at $20) with 5 flights to taste. Fees are refundable if you make a purchase of bottled wine in a certain amount.

We’ll also be stopping to have a short lunch depending on the booking arrangements that could include; best choice, VIP lunch platter or a trip into town for lunch. Trips back into town will take up our time for your tour. Also, Most chose to bring their own lunch to enjoy. 

If you have your own tour planned and just want us to drive you, No Problem…Just make sure to contact us and talk to Rex so we can plan out your route and time with us.

We are very Flexible! Let’s put a tour together for you. Our lower cost High Quality tours allow you to enjoy the finer things, the tasting of the wines, the atmosphere, the ride, the view, in fact the whole Experience!

This is what matters to us YOU! the VIP.


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