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Wine Tour Willamette Valley, OR


We’re very flexible! Let’s put a VIP wine tour together just for you.

A VIP Wine Tour is most of an all day experience. We have set wineries to visit, two different tours we can explore, all of which are rich in history and are very unique. Each tour has beautiful views of Mt. Hood, Willamette Valley with rolling vineyards and unique styles. You will meet knowledgeable people, winemakers and some winery owners.

Me--8-16-13--1If you have your own tour planned and just need us to do the driving, No problem…Just make sure to contact us and talk to Rex, so we can plan out your route and time with us.


We pick you up at 10 am, then start our way out to wine country. If you need to stop to have a quick coffee or one for the road, we do so. You get to take in all the beauty and serenity with the scenic drive of the Willamette Valley as you sip on your coffee. You will get to see AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas), visit a leading winery in sustainability integrated in their environmental values.Wine_Pic_2_15_Edited_2

Willamette Valley is very well known for its superb Pinot Noir. You will taste this noble grape in all its splendor with each stop.

We have a few choices for lunch, best choice is our very filling gourmet lunch platter.

VIPs lunch platter
A VIPs lunch platter

Other choices are: Pack your own lunch (we have coolers to keep it cold) and eat and enjoy at one of the wineries.

Or, Take a trip back into the valley which takes away from our wine tour time. If arranged at time of booking, there are some very nice restaurants in the valley to dine.


You are the VIPs and we want you to enjoy your tour. There is no hurry and flexibility is Key. We can make changes as we go if need to.

The wineries close up at 5 pm, if booking arrangements were made for a dinner stop, we will depart from the tour around 4:30 or 5 pm. If no dinner stop is arranged or needed, we will head for home at around the same time.

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A VIPs stop at Durant Vineyards



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