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VIP's_Image_300C-Edit_2_16_15Professional Drivers with Wine knowledge

20 plus years a professional driver, We are dedicated & focused on safety.
VIPs Suburban seats up to 7
Our 2015 Suburbans seat up to 7

Yes, we have a passion for wine ourselves and we understand how exciting it is to visit, taste and learn about our states treasure in Willamette Valley wine country. We are no wine experts, We, on the other hand, know that you will meet these very knowledgeable people at every stop. There will be lots of laughs, lots of wine education, and who better to educate you than the winery staff, the true masters of their trade.

We are dedicated and focused on safety, Your safety is our mission. We extend Me--8-16-13--1professionalism and courtesy to you the VIPs, and we let you know it.

Our wine tours has been our first course of business along with our PDX Town Car SUV Airport Transportation Services. VIPs 2 PDX, LLC. has been in the planning for several years now. Our business plan is very complex and involves a lot of planning for and obtaining the proper permits, licensing, insurances, bonds etc.

We look forward to meeting you!

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